The 2017 TSN 1040/1410 Discount Golf Card – Restrictions – Classic Card

Below are the times when the TSN 1040/1410 Discount Golf Card is valid at each golf course. Please note restrictions may change throughout the year. Check online before booking. Cannot be combined with any offers.

Big Sky Golf & Country Club – 2 for1 .. valid June to September…Sunday to Thursday any time after 12 pm…48 hr booking restriction

Chilliwack Golf & Country Club – Winter Season – Nov. through Feb.…2 can play for $40..valid anytime..24 hr adv booking…Shoulder Season – Mar and April and Oct.. 2 can play for $50 – valid Tues/Thurs after 1pm- 24 hr adv booking…Peak Season – May through Sept …2 can play for $60… valid Tues/Thurs after 1 pm – 24 hr adv booking

The Links at Hampton Cove – 2for1..early bird special – Mon-Wed-Fri only – prior to11am all months of the year

Delta Golf Course – 2 for1..Oct. 1, 2017 to March 15, 2018 after 12 noon

Eagle Point Golf Course – 2for1..Mon to Thurs. anytime Fri to Sun after 1pm not valid groups

Eaglemont – 2 for $79 – anytime M-F..Sat /Sun after 12…4for3 no restrictions

Eighteen Pastures Golf Course – 2for1…any time year round – tournaments excluded

Golden Eagle Golf Course – 2for1..April 1- May 30 and Oct 1 to Mar 31/2018 – valid 7 days a week – 5 day adv. booking – June 1 to Sept. 30 – Mon to Fri any time – Sat/Sun after 1pm must book 2 days adv. – off highest rates on all dates – not valid with any other promotion, tournaments, or event nights.

Fort Langley – April to September (holidays excluded…no online bookings..3 day advance booking only) ..Mon & Tues 12:30 -2:30 TWO can play for $50 (tax included) Sunday 12:30 – 2:30 TWO can play for $60 (tax included)…October to March (holidays online bookings..3 day advance booking only)…Mon to Friday 11:00 – 1:00 TWO can play for $40 (tax included)…FOUR can play for $60 (tax included)…Sat & Sunday 12:00 – 1:00 TWO can play for $44 (tax included) FOUR can play for $66 (tax included)..must advise pro shop of Discount Card at time of booking and have card present at time of check in…FLGC reserves right to limit use of card at any time.

Guildford Golf and Country Club – 2for1 off rack(prime) rate Mon through Fri before 8am – Holidays excluded, no exceptions –Special winter only offer – valid Oct. 26, 2017 through Feb. 28/2018 – 2 for 1 off rack (prime) rate any time (after 11 pm on weekends) card also valid for 10% discount Restaurant purchases.

Homestead Golf and Country Club – 2for1.. 7 days a week after 1pm…also 10% off regular priced merchandise

Meadow Gardens Golf Course – April to September (holidays excluded)…Wed and Thurs 11am -12:30..TWO can play for $75 (tax inc) …Sun – after 2 pm TWO can play for $80(tax inc).. October to March(holidays excluded)..Mon to Fri 11am to 1pm TWO can play for $60 (tax inc)/ FOUR can play for $80 (tax inc)…Sat & Sun TWO can play for $70 (tax inc)…FOUR can play for $90 (tax inc)…Booking policy..ALL bookings 2 day adv….Caller must identify Discount Card holder…no online bookings permitted.

Mission Golf Course – 2for1.. Mar 1 thru Oct 1 – 24hr advance booking – 7 days a week after 12:30pm excluding twilite, holidays, tournaments, or events, applicable to regular rates only Oct.1 thru Mar1 – 48 hr advance booking – 7 days a week after 11:30 am excluding holidays, tournaments, or events. Off regular rates only (phone only)…also 10% off food (not beverage) purchases.

Newlands Golf Course – 2for1..any day after 11am – valid on regular hi season rate.

Nico-Wynd Golf Course – 2for1..Mon – Fri any time …not valid holidays

North Bellingham Golf Course – 2for1.. Mon – Thurs any time, Fri/Sat/Sun after 12 noon excluding Holidays

Peace Portal Golf Course – 2for1..Oct 11 to March 31 8am till twi-lite Mon to Fri and after 11am on weekends …except holidays.

Pitt Meadows GC – 25% off one round of golf…valid Mon and Thurs anytime based on Course availability for public play…excludes holidays…dress code in effect…reservation required…book online at or call 604-465-5431…24 hr cancellation required.

Point Roberts Golf Course – 2for1..24 hr advance – valid Mon – Thur only after 12pm on hi season rate from Mar.1 to Oct.31 – no group bookings larger than 8 players – cannot be used with any other specials or promotions offered by PRGCC- does not apply on weekends or Canadian holidays

Sandpiper Golf Course – April 1 to Oct. 31 – Mon – Fri only excluding holidays.. 2 green fees for $80…Nov.1 – Mar 31 Sat/Sun and holidays..2 green fees for $60…Nov.1 – Mar. 31 – Mon to Fri only excluding holidays ..2 green fees for $50

Sudden Valley Country Club – 2for1..Mon – Fri except holidays and tournaments – power cart rental mandatory.

Sunshine Coast Golf Course – 2for1..after 1pm, Mon – Tues

Surrey Golf Course – 2for1..Oct 1, 2017 – Mar.15, 2018 after 12 noon…includes Willows 9

Tall Timbers Golf Course – 2for1..anytime year round. Tournaments excluded.

The Falls Golf Course – Mar – May- …2 for $70 weekdays 2 for $80 weekends – June – Sept… 2 for $80 weekdays 2 for $90 weekends – Oct … 2 for $70 weekdays 2 for $80 weekends – all prices inc shared power cart.

Royalwood – 25% off green fees with no restrictions

4 for 3
Avalon (Wash) Golf Course – Mon – Fri anytime 1 week advance booking thru pro shop only…doesn’t include Canadian days at par.

Northview – valid May 13 – Aug 13 – on weekends only between 1pm – 4pm

Westwood Plateau – Valid anytime Mon to Thurs. Also valid at the Westwood Plateau Executive Course


The 2017 TSN 1040/1410 Discount Golf Desert Card – Restrictions

Palm Springs

Marriott Shadow Ridge – Palm Desert, CA – April, May, June, July, August, Sept. – off posted rates…including cart

Palm Desert Resort – Palm Desert CA. – March 2017…Sun to Thurs after 12 noon…off rack rate only…no other discount applies…inc cart….April – May 2017 – after 9…off rack rates only…no other discounts apply…inc cart…June to September 2017…any time…off rack rates only…no other discounts apply …inc cart…November 2017 – March 2018…Sun to Thurs after 12 noon…off rack rates only…no other discounts apply…inc cart…please identify yourself as a TSN Discount Golf holder

Rancho Las Palmas – Rancho Mirage, CA any time – off rack rates only…no other discount rates apply…inc cart and range balls

Golf Club at Terra Lago –Indio, CA – North/South – before 8am and after 11am Sun – Thurs…3 day adv booking…inc. cart

Westin Mission Hills – Rancho Mirage, CA – Pete Dye/Gary Player…April 20/17 to Dec 31/17 and Jan 1/18 to Feb 1/18 – 7 day advance booking window, after 9am.

Las Vegas

Eaglecrest – offer valid after 12 noon daily…please identify yourself as a TSN Discount Golf card holder

Highland Falls – offer valid after 12 noon daily …please identify yourself as a TSN Discount Golf Card holder

Palm Valley – offer valid after 12 noon daily…please identify yourself as a TSN Discount Golf card holder

By purchasing the discount card, I agree to abide with all the rules and restrictions set out by the golf course. Please check with individual golf courses regarding validity of “on-line” bookings. Most golf courses require phone only bookings. The validation (punching or marking) of your membership card is solely at the discretion of the golf course (they may or may not punch your card – their choice only). Please check with golf courses regarding dress code requirements

15 Responses to “Restrictions”

  1. Just wondering what date (ie: Dec. 31, 2015 or Apr. 1st, 2016) the Desert Edition &/or the Combination Level package expires?
    Thank you
    J. Van Koll

  2. Hi Bill, would the desert courses honor the golf card if I showed up as a single ? (half price) Or is it a 2 for 1 literally ?

    • Hi Glenn …no it is a 2for1 program only…possibly share with someone else who might be playing as a single that day?? Keep me posted

  3. The Desert Package to Palm Springs looks good, although I would appreciate a point of clarification.

    I travel south with a group of guys (8) for a week each fall.

    If we were to purchase 4 cards, could we play each of the Westin courses 3 times each ?

    Logistics would mean a total of 48 rounds played but if 2 for 1 applied across the board, Westin only gets 24 “paid” rounds. There is a note that the courses would guarantee 1 round at each course.

    Would it be best if I called the course directly….if so, who is the contact ?


  4. Will there be a year end tournament anytime soon?

    • We are still working on that. We are hoping to having maybe smaller for fun mid-season tournaments, instead of a final playoff

  5. Regarding the Palm Springs desert edition, is the card good for every course on the list once?

    • Hi Rick – yes, it is set up as a ONE TIME USE at each course, however, it is at the discretion of the course if they will punch (validate) usage. Therefore, you could possibly use more than once at a course.

  6. What is the difference between the Classic and the Combo cards?

    • Hi Greg – sorry to be long in replying – the Classic card is basically courses within the lower mainland and some in Washington; the Combo also includes 5 courses in Palm Springs & 1 in Las Vegas

  7. I just got back from Palm Springs and used the card at Westin, Rancho and Shadow Ridge. In all cases, the pro shop confirmed there would be no restrictions on multiple times the card can be used. In fact, I will likely be going back to the desert later this fall and both Westin and Rancho confirmed they would honor 4 cards for our group of 8 golfers.

  8. What is the cost of the card and is there a “group rate”?

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